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Desktop Vaporizer for less than € 200,-

Most desktop vaporizer are higher-prices. We made a list of all desktop vaporizer, that are available on the german market for less than € 200,-

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HerbalAire Elite


Fans of the HerbalAire lineup can rejoice, the HerbalAire Elite is here, and it brings ...

from 199,00 €
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HerbalAire Vaporizer


The HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer requires no grinding; it can extract essence molecules throughout the entire ...

from 194,50 €
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Plenty by Storz & Bickel


The Plenty Vaporizer is an easy-to-use dried herb vaporizer that has a double helix heat ...

from 187,85 €
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Flowermate iHit


The Flowermate iHit is a tabletop e-nail and dry herb vaporizer. The combination of both ...

from 165,00 €
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Arizer Extreme Q


Initially reaching popularity with the Arizer Extreme, the Canadian-based tech company, Arizer, released its most ...

from 119,88 €
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Arizer V-Tower


Since released in 2007, the Arizer V-Tower is still in the market today. Holding a ...

from 91,98 €
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Noble Vapor VP110


The Noble Vapor VP110 is one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers in the market. The ...

from 44,50 €
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VapirRise 2


VapirRise 2.0 is designed for vaporization of herbs and concentrates. Serves up to four users ...



The XVAPE Vista is a powerful and portable e-nail and e-rig vaporizer made especially for ...

Da Buddha


Da Buddha is a herbal vaporizer utilizing a ceramic heating element together with the convection ...

Life Saber Vaporizer


Life Saber is a herbal desktop vaporizer utilizing a ceramic heating element. The replaceable and ...