Grenco Science Vaporizer

Grenco Science LogoGrenco Science has mastered doing cooperations with famous brands or artists. Besides brands like DGK, Black Scale or Fader 100, they have a huge cooperation with the world famous Rapper Snoop Dogg. They designed and produced several vaporizers with the rapper. The probably most well known one is the Snoop Dogg G Pen.

  • G Pro Vaporizer

    G Pro Vaporizer

    What’s not to love with the G Pro? It heats quickly, operates on a rechargeable ...

  • G Pen Elite

    G Pen Elite


    The G Pen Elite offers a big 360° ceramic heating chamber, the biggest in the ...

    from 98,99 €
  • G Pen Pro

    G Pen Pro


    The G Pen Pro by Grenco Science is a sleek, durable, and compact dry herb ...

    from 71,10 €
  • G Pen Connect

    G Pen Connect

    The G Pen Connect is the futuristic way to vaporize your concentrates. First of all, ...

    from 130,50 €
  • G Pen Nova

    G Pen Nova

    Designed to vape concentrates, the G Pen Nova has a ceramic chamber and uses convection ...

    from 34,50 €
  • G Pen Roam

    G Pen Roam

    The G Pen Roam is a concentrate vaporizer with a unique built-in water filter known ...

    from 223,20 €
  • G Pen Dash

    G Pen Dash

    The G Pen Dash is a simple one-button vaporizer that can hold up to ¼ ...

    from 74,99 €