Storz & Bickel Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel LogoOther than Kinder Bueno, one of the most famous German brands would be Storz & Bickel. Developed and manufactured in Tuttlingen, a reputable town known as the center of medical technology, Storz & Bickle proudly place itself there as the first medicinal vaporizer manufacturer.

Markus Storz starts to develop the first vaporizer in 1996 and marketed it 4 years later. Since the release of the Volcano Classic in 2000, it’s hard to believe that it still existed in the market for almost two decades. The Volcano is still the best desktop vaporizer and it survives the wave of vaporizers in the market, thanks to the high quality and the ability to produce high potency vapors. Everyone wants the best for themselves, you know it’s good when you’ve seen the Volcano being used in famous video clips, movies, documentaries, and even on Netflix.

The quality of other vaporizers made by Storz & Bickel is also formidable, they focus on all aspects when making a vaporizer and did not stop even after it was released. Just look at Crafty, it got updated after 3 years in the market. As pioneers, Storz & Bickel is one of the few vaporizer makers who created apps to control their vaporizers externally with a smartphone or smartwatch, getting ahead of everyone as usual.

Check out the Storz & Bickel official website for more information, it is where the worldwide warranty can be registered and user manual can be found.