Boundless CFC

Boundless CFC

The Boundless CFC is a handheld vaporizer made especially for dry herbs. Unlike the typical style bestowed upon the Boundless vaporizer like the Boundless CFX, the CFC has a unique teardrop-like shape. Equipped with a large ceramic chamber, CFC is a beauty.

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The Boundless CFC is a dry herbs portable vaporizer from the well-known Boundless brand that produces the CFX+ and the Tera V3. It possesses high quality as other Boundless vaporizers and comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. The CFC utilizes a conduction heating system and can hold up to 0.5g of dried herbs. Plus, the CFC is easy to use and provides precise temperature control.

Sleek design
The sleek device features a modern teardrop design that makes it easy to hold. Plus, its rubberized finish has a nice feel to the hands, and the material adds to its durability. Compact the Boundless CFC only measures 11.9 cm x 4.1 cm x 2.54 cm and fits nicely in the pocket.

Large heating chamber
The Boundless CFC Vaporizer boasts a sizeable ceramic heating chamber that can hold approximately 0.5 grams of dried herbs. Utilizing a conduction heating system, it heats up fast, providing pure and flavorful vapors.

Easy-to-use temperature control
The vaporizer allows full temperature control, which is significant in this price range. It operates with a range between 60°C (140°F) to 230°C (446°F) . With just a few clicks on the up and down buttons, the vaporizer heats up fast within 20-30 seconds. You can see the temperature on the little OLED display. Finally, pressing simultaneously both buttons will allow you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

Long battery life
The Boundless CFC has an internal 17650 battery of 2200mAh. Charging it using its micro USB charger takes about two hours. With a full charge, it will last up to 15 vaping sessions. The vaporizer also has a 5-minute auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life. Moreover, it has a pass-through technology that allows usage while the unit is charging, as long as 25% of battery life remains.

The Boundless CFC video

Watch this video to see how easy operating the Boundless CFC Vaporizer is.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Boundless CFC Vaporizer
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Manual

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  • Brand / ManufacturerBoundless Technology
  • Type:Portable Vaporizer
  • Usage:Dry Herbs
  • Heating Technique:Conduction
  • Temperature control:Full control
  • Energy Source:Battery
  • Average battery life:10 - 15 sessions
  • Chamber/oven material:Ceramic
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Automatic shut-off:Yes
  • Origin:Canada
  • Replaceable battery:No
  • Temperature Settings:60°C - 230°C
  • Heat-up time:20 - 30 seconds
  • Weight:227 grams
  • Size:12 x 4 x 2.5 cm
  • Recharge Time:120 min
  • Battery capacity:2200 mAh
  • Chamber capacity:0.5 grams
  • Warranty:3 year(s)
  • Manual:Download Manual

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