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Boundless CFC Lite

Last update: 27. November 2019

The CFC Lite is the latest addition to the Boundless vaporizer family launched in early 2019. Like its name, the CFC Lite is quite light and minimalist. This little powerhouse is the smallest member of the Boundless series and features a conduction heating method. Although tiny, this should not undermine the outstanding features it offers.


The Canadian company, Boundless have already made a name for themselves for making one of the highest quality vaporizers in the market. Since the launch of the Boundless CF to the Boundless CFC that evolved into the Boundless CFC 2.0, which may be the base of this amazing little device. There must be something about the CFC Lite that sets itself aside from the other Boundless vaporizers.

The minimalist design and simple handling make the hearts of design lovers beat faster. With a length of only 9.8 cm and weighs less than 226 grams), the CFC Lite comes with a one-button operation. So, there’s nothing more in the way of enjoyable discrete sessions because it hides easily in your palm.

Replaceable battery
The Boundless CFC Lite features a replaceable battery 18350 that allows you to swap the cells anytime you need. Purchase extra batteries to benefit the great feature because the 800mAh capacity can only serve you alone for 3 to 5 sessions depending on the temperature you set.

The Boundless CFC Lite is a unique conduction vaporizer that gently transforms your herbs into a delicious, aromatic vapor and it comes with a fast warm-up time of under 40 seconds. When the lowest temperature reaches, it will take lesser time to reach higher temperatures. The temperature of the CFC Lite can be set simply by the touch of a button, and the settings are as follows :

  • Blue – 196°C
  • Green – 206°C
  • Red –216°C

Best features
The Boundless Lite has an insulated air path and a ceramic chamber. The combination of these two components resulting in pure, uncontaminated vapor you can taste. Another lovable feature is the haptic feedback; the vaporizer will vibrate when the desired temperature reaches. So you can hold it in your palm without the need to look at it if it is ready.

Boundless CFC Lite video

It takes only 2 minutes to check out the simple and short video about the CFC Lite, where unboxing and simple instructions shown.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x CFC LITE vaporizer
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 2x Extra mouthpiece screens
  • 2x Chamber screens
  • 1x Instruction Manual


The Boundless CFC Lite is a reliable companion for individual vaping sessions on the go. The small powerhouse scores with a fast heat-up time and the 800mAh replaceable battery feature allow you to extend your sessions anytime, anywhere. It’s straightforward handling, and the high-quality materials its made of ensuring that the vaporizer produces pure tasty vapor in no time. Most importantly, the tiny but powerful device also offers a low price that matches up to its impressive top performance.

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