Fenix 2.0

The new Fenix 2.0 is an excellent convection vaporizer and superior to its predecessor, the Fenix vaporizer, in every aspect. Defined by powerful AIR HEATING® technology and a large display, the vaporizer also features a quick charging technology to complement its fast heating function. Not to mention the edgy look and its powerful 4400mAh battery.

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Weecke describes Fenix 2.0 innovation as a quantum leap. It comes with an impressive performance with fascinating features compared to its predecessor; the Fenix vaporizer. It is a vaporizer worth putting side to side with the top vaporizer out there on the market, thanks to the full convection feature and powerful battery.

High-quality materials
Aesthetically pleasing, the Fenix 2.0 is a real-life example that beauty can also be a beast at the same time. The Fenix 2.0 features a sturdy metal housing, an easy-to-clean removable titanium heating chamber, and a fully insulated stainless steel air path. It screams premium high-end vaporizer with the quality of its materials, ensuring pure-tasting vapors.

Patented AIR Heating® technology
The Fenix 2.0 takes the vapor evolution to a whole new level with its patented Air Heating convection technology. This innovative heating technology ensures extraordinarily useful and even evaporation of your herbs. At the same time, the cooling system cools down the vapor to make it more enjoyable. The vaporizer will extract all the active materials in your herbs and prevent unnecessary wasting.

Fast heating – fast charging
Fast heat up is no longer new in the vaporizer world, but it is a highly appreciated feature, and of course, the Fenix 2.0 has it. The warm-up time of the Fenix 2.0 vaporizer is less than 30 seconds, which is an average for a good vaporizer in the market these days. However, you will not see a vaporizer with a 4400mAh battery. Surprisingly it took less than three hours to fully charge, faster than most vaporizers with a capacity of around 2200mAh or 2300mAh.

More control!
The Fenix 2.0 comes with a temperature range of 160°C to 220°C which you may adjust freely on the 2.4 cm screen. The OLED screen of this vaporizer is like no other. It has a dual display with an adjustable timer that allows you to set the vaporizing time freely. You can set the vaporizing time between 180 and 420 seconds.

Fenix 2.0 video

Check out the unboxing of the Fenix 2.0 in the following video. Even though it is in German, you can check the device out carefully and find out the accessories included.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Fenix 2.0 vaporizer
  • 1x Titanium chamber
  • 1x Chamber removing tool
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Stuffing tool
  • 1x USB charging cable

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