FlytLab Lift

The creation of the Lift vaporizer by FlytLab is to lift your spirits higher; all you need to do is fill up the chamber and press the button a few times. First of all, the Lift features a hybrid heating system that includes both convection and conduction method with a chamber made entirely of ceramic to produce flavorful vapor. Simple and excellent vapor quality, the capacity of the vaporizer will be the most significant factor in considering the device, and it can hold up to 0.6g of dried herbs!

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The FlytLab has finally launched a device after a great response obtained from the H2FLO vaporizer a few years ago. That is to say, the Californian company was focusing on one product at a time, with the thought of every aspect in making the Lift the best and only herbal vaporizer you’ll ever need. Moreover, it has a large chamber that no one can resist. Besides, it is an American product with ten years warranty.

Huge chamber
Certainly, a vast chamber that does not require too many times to fill up, the Lift vaporizer boosts up to 0.6g capacity. Therefore, it is enough to “feed” a group of people in a session. The fully ceramic heating chamber ensures the herbs are vaporized evenly and produces flavorful, dense vapors.

Made to last, the 16.4 cm tall vaporizer contains lightweight aluminum alloy and has the highest quality material. The vaporizer comes with a retractable glass mouthpiece that also acts as a compacter, push the glass piece down during sessions. The mouthpiece made out of pyrex glass and a heat resistant organic thermoplastic core.

Although the Lift only requires 2 hours to charge through its micro USB fully, it lasts from 13 to 20 sessions. That means you could’ve vaporized 14 grams of material on a full charge. The vaporizer turned off after 30 seconds of idling, and it also took 30 seconds to heat up even up to the highest temperature setting.

One button
Also, the Lift vaporizer operates with only one button, and it has illuminated LED lights around it that make it looks futuristic. Coming with three preset temperatures suitable for herbal vaporization, it is never too hard to operate the Lift. The preset temperatures are:

  • Low: 185°C – 190°C
  • Medium: 202°C – 207°C
  • High: 213°C – 218°C

The temperature estimates as the original temperature are in degrees Fahrenheit.

FlytLab Lift video

The video shows the unboxing of the LIFT vaporizer and displays all the accessories included in the box.

What’s in the box

  • 1x FlytLab LIFT
  • 2x Glass mouthpieces
  • 1x Power Plug
  • 1x Silicone Sleeve
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x FlytLab Sticker
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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