The Hammer Pro Vaporizer

The Hammer Pro Vaporizer

The Hammer Pro is a portable herbal and concentrates vaporizer that utilizes a built-in butane lighter. It features two glass lock-on stems and a multi-purpose stainless steel nail. The air passes directly through a stainless steel heat exchanger and a borosilicate glass tube, guaranteeing pure vapor. To mention, it is a minimalist device that is particularly easy to use. Therefore, the Hammer Pro is suitable for beginners and those who are happy without additional features.


Take a whiff of pure freedom, with the super portable Hammer Pro Vaporizer. Just bring along a can of butane, and enjoy a relaxing vaping session even on your beach or camping excursions – without the hassle of extra batteries or power cords. High altitudes? No issue! This compact, fast, and efficient vaporizer will give you the perfect vape, whenever and wherever you like. A uniquely designed combustion chamber keeps the butane flame away from clean air, so each puff is safe and delicious.

Portable and travel-friendly
Measuring only about 12 cm, the Hammer Pro sits inconspicuously in your pocket. And don’t think twice before tossing away those miles of extra power cord or batteries! Readily available and long-lasting butane fuel is all you need to enjoy fresh herbal vapor on the go.

Clean, safe and versatile
The specially designed stainless-steel heat exchanger keeps the butane flame separate from the air path, so you never accidentally inhale exhaust – or soot, unlike a traditional cigarette. Additionally, thanks to a nifty temperature control knob, the Hammer Pro works with any herb, essential oil, or concentrate.

Efficient and strong
With the Hammer Pro, you consume significantly fewer herbs per session compared to other mobile devices. It extracts only the best substances. Get the most out of it with a small single-serving bowl. Accessories include one nail to turn your herb around, so nothing gets wasted. Moreover, portable vaporizers often have the disadvantage that their vapor is too weak. With the Hammer Pro it is just the opposite. This mobile vaporizer produces thick and very powerful vapor.

The Hammer Pro Vaporizer Video

The Hammer Pro is powered by butane gas. The following video will tell you how to start this mobile vaporizer the first time and why it lives up to its name. Further, you see how to get the best out of your Hammer Pro.

What’s in the box

  • 2x Glass Mouthpieces
  • 1x Nail
  • 2x Screens
  • 1x Toolbox Case
  • Butane NOT included

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