HerbalAire Elite

HerbalAire Elite

Fans of the HerbalAire lineup can rejoice, the HerbalAire Elite is here, and it brings the same quality you’ve come to expect from other HerbalAire products. The Elite is one of the premier tabletop vaporizers and comes with a glut of great features. You can use it in four different ways; bag inflation, direct inhalation, whip attachment, and water pipe glass adapter.


All HerbalAire products are known for their durability and efficiency, both of which are at the top tier when it comes to desktop vaporizers. The Canadian manufacturer HerbalAire brought their A-game when they created the Elite — and focusing on bringing consumers the best possible vapor in a sturdy little package. The HerbalAire Elite packed with new features, like the integrated temperature and a pump control on a clean digital display.

Along with that, they’ve tweaked the design of their bag and crucible assembly. Now, users can enjoy their vapor with even more ease than before. Of course, for a vaporizer that prides itself in great bag-style production, there are new features that will help you fill bags with a lot less difficulty like a timer that helps during the bagging process. It’s likely you will enjoy the Elite, no matter which path you choose.

Multiple Ways to Enjoy
The best part about the HerbalAire Elite has got to be the myriad different ways that you can inhale the fresh vapor that it can produce. You can use the standard mouthpiece, or you can go with the whip option for added convenience. For a crisp and refreshing vapor, you can always rely on the forced air balloon bag. With the balloons provided, you can vaporize large amounts of material all at once and enjoy them later. The device is capable of filling up to five bags at the same time, meaning it can be a great unit to bring to a party. However, the most significant advantage the Elite has to be its adaptability. You can choose to connect it to your favorite glass pipe, providing genuinely limitless possibilities.

Extreme Efficiency
Perhaps you are turned away by the price point of the HerbalAire Elite and other tabletop vaporizers in its range. There is no need to worry about all that, as the device will end up paying for itself. HerbalAire involved in numerous studies that all come to the same conclusion: it can extract more vapor from your material than others. In fact, during these studies, it was found that the HerbalAire Elite was capable of pulling more vapor out of already-vaped materials that had just gone through other products. Together with its 18 jets of hot air, the Elite can vaporize even rough material with ease.

Elite Durability
Not many vaporizers have such a sterling reputation for being as durable as the HerbalAire Elite. All materials used in the construction of the Elite are food-safe and produced using the best material technology. HerbalAire even goes so far as to release videos on Youtube showcasing the incredible durability of their products. In some of these videos, they also drop the Elite and throw them around to little effect. At just 20 cm tall, it is incredible what damage the Elite can bear.

HerbalAire Elite Video

Take a look at the HerbalAire Elite directly from the source. The video opens with a fascinating look at how the device can connect directly to a water pipe. Then, the reviewer goes through the motions of using the method. You will be amazed at how simple and smooth the HerbalAire Elite can be.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1x HerbalAire Elite
  • 1x Teflon Mouthpiece
  • 1x Loading Crucible
  • 1x Crucible Holder
  • 2x Mouthpiece Extensions
  • 10x Vaporizer Bags
  • 2x Balloon Mouthpieces
  • 1x 3 Foot Whip
  • 1x Forced-Air Vapor Pump


The HerbalAire Elite is an excellent example of a quality desktop vaporizer. The features are never-ending with this device. Not only do you never have to worry about damaging it, but the efficiency of its vapor is second-to-none. You even have the option of not grinding your herbs at all. The Elite will still bring you loads of excellent vapor. Many have professed their love for unground herbs after using this device. It seems that the less you destroy your material before vaping, the better the flavor is. The HerbalAire Elite has it all, and the “prove-it” mentality of their company is endearing. It’s going to be fun to see where HerbalAire can take this product in the future.

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