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PAX 3 Vaporizer

Last update: 27. July 2018
PAX 3 Vaporizer
4.8 / 5.0 Rating

The original PAX changed the game. The PAX 2 was the next step in vaporizer evolution. But, the PAX 3 has perfected the formula. Each change in design from the second PAX leaves everything you loved and improves upon it in subtle ways. Although the PAX 2 is still around and selling well, PAX presents a compelling argument to upgrade to the new and improved PAX 3.

PAX 3 Review

The PAX 3 is the latest in the popular line from PAX (formerly known as Ploom). While the world was enjoying the charm of the original PAX and PAX 2, their engineers were in the lab improving on a design that was critically acclaimed already. The result is a device that is head and shoulders above many similarly priced portable vaporizers on the market today. As with any good sequel, it keeps the aspects from the original that everyone loves. However, there are several design tweaks that will satisfy new and old fans, alike.

Third Time’s the Charm
If you know anything about portable vaporizers, you know about the PAX and PAX 2. The third iteration has all the best aspects of its predecessors. The already popular design is mostly unchanged; its sleek, uniform outer shell still inspires awe in all those that see it. With a smooth, metallic chassis, this vaporizer looks like something that would come out of Silicon Valley. This is no accident, the founders of the company are Stanford trained engineers that have brought their exceptional skills to this new device. Those who prize simplicity and ease-of-use will be right at home with its minimalist ethos. All the great features added over the years are still included, like:

  • Lip-sensing Heat Up Technology
  • Silent Operation
  • Easy-to-clean Inner Components
  • High Quality Vapor
  • Haptic Feedback

The Best Gets Better
However, for all of the things that the PAX 2 got right, the elite designers in their research department have decided to improve upon some of those aspects for the PAX 3. The first difference you might notice is the new exterior materials. The PAX 2 had a great brushed aluminum design that was durable and beautiful. The PAX 3 took the “premium” feel of the aluminum and upped the ante. Now the outside has a smooth, shiny finish that reflects light brilliantly.

Long-time users will notice the biggest technical improvement immediately: the heat up time has improved dramatically. The PAX 3 can reach vaporization heat levels in 15-20 seconds. Not only is that a 3x performance increase over the PAX 2, it is an advantage over many comparable vaporizers.

Dual-Use Functionality
If there was one complaint you could have about the PAX 2, it was that it only had the ability to vaporize dry herbs. In recent times, however, portable vaporizers have started to include the option to use oils and waxes and the PAX 3 is at the head of the pack. Included in the base package is an oil/wax insert that gives you the option of using something other than dry herbs right off the shelf.

The Next Step in Vaporizer Technology
Along with the design improvements, comes new technology in the form of an app that can be downloaded to your favorite smartphone. This app provides more heating “profiles” that can be used to further customize the experience. More than just temperature levels, these profiles are essentially programs that change the heat based on professional algorithms. These include:

  • Boost Mode – This mode keeps the oven hot and avoids cooling between hits.
  • Efficiency Mode – A gradually increasing heat profile that will vaporize your herbs efficiently.
  • Stealth Mode – A cooler mode that eliminates much of the smell in emitted vapor.
  • Flavor Mode – This mode removes all heating done when air is not actually being pulled through the device. This should improve the quality of the flavor.

If all of that wasn’t enough, PAX also included a special oven cover that allows a user to fill the container only partially. In theory, this will allow a user to use less material over a period of time.


Here is a video that shows off the great new features of the PAX 3. It provides a useful overview of the quality you can expect from the new device, including its ability to use oils and wax. Also included is a quick guide on the use of the latest PAX product.

What’s In the Box

  • 1x PAX 3 vaporizer
  • 3x Screens
  • 1x Concentrate Insert
  • 1x Charging Cable and Dock
  • 1x 3500 mAh Battery
  • 1x Maintenance Kit
  • 1x Multi-Tool
  • 2x Oven Lids


There aren’t many portable vaporizers on the market today that can stand toe-to-toe with the PAX line. The 3rd iteration is no exception. The PAX 3 represents the best the industry has to offer in a stylish, unrivaled package. It embodies the design philosophies of the best engineers in the tech world, specifically by combining ease-of-use with incredible technology. If you’re new to the scene, there aren’t many devices that will be easier to learn with. Perhaps the most incredible factor is that, despite this simplicity, the PAX 3 delivers vapor that would please even the most critical of expert vaporizer enthusiasts.

PAX 2 Vaporizer
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PAX 2 Vaporizer

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the PAX 2’s sleek, sexy design and unbeatable performance. There’s a reason the ...

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