The VonG

The VonG

The VonG is a small, portable vaporizer that's not much bigger than a standard lighter, making it pretty unassuming. Made with a titanium liner, titanium crowns, and a wood sleeve, this device was built for durability and longevity. Also, the tip features a contoured extraction chamber and a 5 fin profile for vapor cooling efficiency. Lastly, the VonG is compatible with 10mm and 14mm water pipes and fits inside any standard size DynaStash or SlimStash for safe and discreet transportation.

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A stellar addition to the DynaVap family, The VonG is a new portable heat-powered vaporizer that stands out for its optimal compatibility with water pipes. Light years ahead in quality and coolness, this battery-free, analog vape boasts of a full titanium liner encased in a wooden body with a smooth finish. Lightweight and tiny, if you’re looking for tasty vapor and smooth rips, this one’s a keeper.  

Wooden finish, stylish cuts, and curves
A classic analog vaporizer, The VonG is handcrafted, waxed, and polished to showcase a smooth and exquisite wooden body that’s sustainably sourced. With stylish cuts, niches, and curves, this classic, old-school vape is actually cutting edge. Don’t miss the gorgeous light wood version that’s made from tropical hardwood, Cocobolo. 

Optimal compatibility with water pipes
A perfect match for users that want to switch between water-conditioned hits and traditional tokes, this one-hitter wonder is almost indestructible and is BFFs with glass pipes and bongs. The tapered mouthpiece fits snugly and mates perfectly with any 10mm and 14mm female fitting without the need for any water pipe adapter. 

Takes the guesswork out of lighter-based vaporizers
Using The VonG is a breeze! All you got to do is unscrew the VapCap at the top and load in your botanicals. Close the cap, heat it up with a butane lighter and the vape will let out an audible click once it’s ready. While it may not have a tech-savvy haptic feedback system, the vape will also let out a click to let you know when the cap has cooled down and is safe to handle again. Now that’s thoughtful! 

Interesting features like ‘Adjust-a-Bowl’ & ‘Digger-outer’
With two settings – 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams, you can use the Adjust-a-Bowl feature to switch between micro-dosing, mellow hits, and big rips! Thanks to the small bowl size, every hit is brimming with flavor. Not only can you adjust the size of the chamber, but the titanium bowl is also quick to reload, so you can vape back-to-back bowls for bigger sessions. With a ‘digger-outer’ integrated into the vape, The VonG is easy to clean and contains everything you need to get started. Just add herbs! 

Zero electronic parts to worry about
Whether you’re looking for a fast and light hit or a thick, dense cloud, you’re in complete control. The VonG always works when other electronics or batteries fail! The VonG heats up to 300° F to 450°F with a butane lighter in less than ten seconds, and even faster during a sesh. No more worrying about battery life, recharging batteries, or carrying around USB-C cables! 

The VonG Video

Watch this video to see how the VonG works.


What’s in the box?

  • 1x The VonG
  • 1x Captive Cap/VapCap
  • 1x Reusable Packaging/Stand

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  • Brand / ManufacturerDynaVap
  • Type:
  • Usage:Dry Herbs
  • Haptic feedback:No
  • Heating Technique:Hybrid (Convection / Conduction)
  • Temperature control:Analog
  • Water Pipe Compatible:Yes
  • Energy Source:Lighter / Flame
  • Material:
    • Titanium
    • Wood
  • Chamber/oven material:Titanium
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Automatic shut-off:No
  • Origin:USA
  • Pass-Through Charging:No
  • Replaceable battery:No
  • Heat-up time:0 -10 seconds
  • Weight:18.6 grams
  • Size:9.2 cm
  • Warranty:2 year(s)

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