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VapCap NonaVong

Last update: 18. April 2019
VapCap NonaVong

The VapCap NonaVonG is a herbal and oil vaporizer with a built-in taper on the mid-section. It allows the use of compatible water attachments. The easy-to-use vaporizer is a non-electronic vape made from premium and food safe materials with a tip constructed of titanium. Similar to its predecessor the VapCap Original, the NonaVonG requires a flame to heat up and clicks when the material is ready to be vaporized.

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With the VapCap NonaVong, DynaVap has once again launched a vaporizer with great functionality. The little discreet non-electronic vape attains similar features to its predecessor. Also available in “NonaVonG S” version with adjustable air and vapor ratio, the vaporizer still has the signature clicks when ready.

VonG = Bong
Just like its name, the “Vong” in NonaVonG stands for Bong making it compatible with certain water attachments. Its stem’s midsection has a built-in taper.

Premium materials
To produce pure and flavorful vapor, the NonaVonG contains safe food materials. The stylish wooden part of the vaporizer comes with choices of high-quality wood such as cocobolo, burlwood, and blackwood.

No burning
There is no direct contact of flame onto the material; vapors are produced without burning. The absence of toxic carcinogens which are known for causing cancer allows you to enjoy the nutritional benefit of the substance vaporized without worry.

VapCap NonaVonG video

This video demonstrates how to use the VapCap NonaVonG vaporizer with a water attachment.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x VapCap NonaVonG
  • 1x Smell proof case


The US-made vaporizer NonaVong by DynaVap captivates with its beautiful design and discretion. It is powered entirely by external heat which means no battery. Therefore no charging is needed. This non-electronic vaporizer consists of premium materials built to last. Suitable to be used for outdoor activities like camping, the NonaVonG is a perfect alternative for an electronic vaporizer or even rolling papers. With the additional compatibility to be attached on a water attachment, the latest addition in the VapCap has advanced.

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