Vapman Pure

Vapman Pure

An olive wood, Italian-made, and Swiss-designed vaporizer, Vapman is known for its handcrafted, artisanal, all-natural vapes for dry herbs and concentrates. The Vapman Pure is close cousins with the cult vaporizer the Vapman Classic. Completely battery-free and environmentally friendly, this compact vape produces powerful hits and robust craftsmanship that lasts. For cannabis connoisseurs o extract enthusiasts, it’s a small but mighty all-in-one.


You know you want the ultimate vaping experience. Why not do it with a vaporizer that was inspired by nature? The Vapman Pure is a handcrafted, 100% all-natural, dry herb vaporizer, that has an environmentally-friendly attitude. Created by a zero-waste company that plants a tree for every order placed, it’s time you got your hands on one of these.

Swiss-designed and Italian craftsmanship
Thanks to the use of sustainably sourced olive wood, and a large helping of Italian handiwork, the Vapman Pure boasts A-grade heat conduction thanks to its 24k gold-plated copper heating chamber. The Vapman Pure is an extraordinary, small and lightweight vaporizer that you can enjoy anywhere. The battery-free operation gives you complete freedom and ensures an extraordinary flavor-enhancing experience. Its compact size makes it ideal for micro-dosing wherever and whenever you are.

A budget-friendly version of the Vapman Classic
The Vapman is available in two different models, the Classic and the Pure. The main difference between the two is that the Vapman Classic adds a layer of mica, which is a natural mineral, to the interior surface of the olive wood that reduces the carbonization and provides heat insulation too. Another key difference between the Pure and the Classic is the price; the Classic is a tad more expensive. The Pure is affordable and will fit well in your vape collection.

A distinctive shape, unique design, and materials
Unlike most vapes that look like power banks, USB sticks, or pens, Vapman Pure is made of olive wood, has a distinctive shape, and resembles a spin top toy. The device opens up into two halves and the mouthpiece is on top while the bottom houses the herb chamber. To use, load your herbs in with a filling funnel (which is included), twist and lock it in, heat the copper pan at the base of the device, and enjoy.

Battery-free, built to last
The Vapman Pure is truly pure by definition. It’s a portable vaporizer with no batteries or digital parts and its internal heating chamber ensures ideal heat and air distribution. To fire up the Vapman Pure, you’ll need a butane lighter to heat the botanicals nestled inside the vape’s chamber. By covering some of the air holes in the wood on top of your vape, you can control the airflow and density of the vapors. Ideal for micro-dosing throughout the day, you’ll love the Vapman Pure for its convenience and its sleek, little design.

Perfect for micro-dosing herb and concentrates
The Vapman Pure is for the cannabis connoisseur that wants more than just high potency, but also taste, terpenes and flavor. If you prefer concentrates, add a concentrate sieve, and vape wax, crumble and resin with ease. Whether you’re a micro doser or a light cannabis aficionado, this unit offers portability, reliability, and durability and is the perfect on-the-go companion.

Vapman Pure Video

Take a look at the difference between Vapman Pure and Vapman Classic.

What’s in the box?

1x Vapman Pure Olive Wood
1x Filling Funnel
1x High-Quality Jet Lighter
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Screwdriver
1x Wood Box
1x Hemp Box
1x Manual

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  • Brand / ManufacturerVapman
  • Type:Portable Vaporizer
  • Usage:Dry Herbs
  • Mouthpiece material:Stainless Steel
  • Heating Technique:Conduction
  • Temperature control:Analog
  • Energy Source:Lighter / Flame
  • Material:Wood
  • Delivery Method:Direct
  • Automatic shut-off:No
  • Origin:Switzerland
  • Weight:18 grams
  • Size:6.2 x 4.1 x 4.1 cm

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