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Last update: 8. October 2018
3.7 / 5.0 Rating

XMAX would like to introduce you to the little brother of their stellar budget vape lineup, the XMAX V2 Pro. It makes sure you stay healthy too by giving you an inexpensive option to quit combustion and start vaping. If you aren’t sure you want to spend €300+ on a designer vaporizer, the V2 Pro may be the device you’ve been waiting for. After successfully stealing hearts with of the Starry and Starry V2, XMAX is now known for efficiency and affordability.

XMAX V2 Pro​ ​Review

The XMAX V2 Pro is a budget vaporizer that represents the best of what Chinese manufacturer XMAX has to offer. You get great value anytime you purchase a vaporizer from XMAX and the V2 Pro is no exception. This is a pen-style vaporizer that is modeled after the old Atmos Astra that was exceptionally popular during its production run. That means that the mouthpiece is located directly on top of the device, somewhat like a straw. It is a battery powered vaporizer that utilizes 18650 rechargeable batteries to provide users with quick, crisp vapor. The amazing part about the V2 Pro is that it allows users with less funds to enjoy features that they couldn’t otherwise. For example, this is one of the cheapest vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize 3 different types of materials. Now, you can vaporize herbs, oils, and concentrates/waxes all in one vaporizer.

Dual-Use​ ​Design
The best part of the V2 Pro has to be its versatility, however. With the ability to vaporize basically anything, this could be your first and final vaporizer. The XMAX doesn’t even require any extra parts, just pack it all in and go. Be sure to grind your herbs finely, if that’s the path you take. Use a grinder every time you use the XMAX to ensure the best vapor possible without wasting material.

Budget-Friendly​ ​Construction
The V2 Pro houses all of its features in a sturdy nickel outer shell that doesn’t get too warm, even with extended use. What’s more, the 5 presets that were mentioned earlier are helpfully printed on the side with a light indicator that displays your desired temperature. Don’t worry though, this vaporizer is small and built for stealth, no bright lights here. The battery that XMAX includes is nothing to sneeze at either. They pack in a 2,200mAh battery that will give you about 45-60 minutes per charge. The batteries can be charged inside the device using the standard micro-USB charger, as well. It is always recommended to pack a spare, however, especially if you intend to use this with a group.

One​ ​Button​ ​Is​ ​All​ ​You​ ​Need
There would be no point in owning a budget vaporizer if it wasn’t easy to use. Breathe easy vaporizer fans, they don’t get much easier to use than the XMAX V2 Pro. The only button on the device controls every aspect heating your herbs. You need only to press the button three times to turn on the V2 Pro. Holding the button down will allow you to select your temperature and pressing it three times again will turn it off. Cleaning is just as easy. The V2 Pro comes with a cleaning brush that you can use to clean the screens and the chamber at will. If you are looking for something that is easy to use, this might be the easiest vaporizer there is. This is great news for those of us who vape for medical reasons.

The​ ​Vapor​ ​Pro
Now that you know how special it is to have a vaporizer with this many features at such a low price point, one question remains. How’s the vapor? It turns out, not bad. The XMAX V2 Pro uses an industry-standard ceramic oven to produce fresh vapor at the press of a button. With a decent amount of temperature flexibility that spans the normal vaporization range, you can play with the V2 Pro to produce some above average vapor. The device features 5 different presets :

  • 180°C (356°F)
  • 190°C (374°F)
  • 200°C (392°F)
  • 210°C (410°F)
  • 220°C (428°F)

For your protection, XMAX has also included an auto shut-off feature that will deactivate the oven after 5 minutes.

XMAX V2 Pro Video​

“Lord Vapor” reviews the XMAX V2 Pro and shows you what it’s like to unwrap this workhorse. Check out the unique design and decide for yourself if something this solid can really be this inexpensive.

What’s​ ​In​ ​the​ ​Box?

  • 1x XMAX V2 Pro
  • 1x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1x USB Wall Charger
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Packing Tool
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Pack of Replacement Screens


This is one of the most inexpensive vaporizers on the market, certainly one of the least expensive that can vaporize multiple types of materials. There are certainly some downsides: the device can become a little warm and cause the flavor to suffer. However, once you get the vaporizing routine down, you can really limit this to next-to-nothing. This is the perfect vaporizer for the brand new vaper that just wants to try one out and see how they like it. It also makes a lot of sense for someone that may not be able to operate a complicated device (possibly due to medical issues) and requires something simple to get their medicine. Either way, after reviewing so many of their devices, I trust XMAX to build a solid product and I think you will enjoy the XMAX V2 Pro.


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