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De Verdamper Deluxe

The De Verdamper Deluxe a.k.a De Verdamper is developed by a Dutchman for the better ...

from 312,55 €
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Dr. Dabber Aura / Aurora

The Aura by Dr. Dabber is also known as Aurora. The vaporizer comes with three ...

from 88,34 €
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DaVinci V3 Vaporizer

The DaVinci V3 is one of the best portable aromatherapy devices. This model has earned ...

from 79,04 €
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Black Leaf Cigar

The Black Leaf Cigar did not get its name by the shape, more like the ...

from 54,87 €
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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer was created to make vaporizing herbs a satisfying experience each time. ...

from 213,89 €
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The CRAFTY+ is an upgrade to the OG Crafty with 30% faster heat-up and 20% ...

from 234,82 €
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Hydrology 9


One look at the Hydrology9 and you can tell that this device is something different. ...

from 204,59 €
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Torch Vaporizer

The Torch vaporizer is a marker pen shaped herbal vaporizer measuring 13 x 2.2 cm ...

Vapir Prima Vaporizer

The all-new Vapir Prima uses the combination of conduction and convection to provide you a ...

from 139,00 €
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Puffco Peak


The Peak is the first desktop vaporizer from Puffco. Known for producing tiny but mighty ...

from 330,60 €
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Breit-HI Vaporizer

The Breit-HI is an excellent low-cost herbal vaporizer with great potential. It features a convection ...

from 74,50 €
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Fenix Mini


The Fenix Mini vaporizer is the smaller version of the Fenix vaporizer with similar qualities ...

from 62,01 €
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